Why You Should Consider a Supervision Sentence in Your DUI Case?

Dui Case in SpringfieldA first-time DUI arrest in Illinois is no joke. Since you never experienced this before, you’d definitely be in tremendous pressure and stress, especially if you think about what’s at stake if you plead or are found guilty. You deserve to relax a little bit to recover from this horrible incident; however, you must act immediately to avoid the worst possible scenario.

Instinctively, fighting and beating the case is the route you want to take, especially if you feel if you’re innocent of the violation. Then again, you can’t just limit your option to winning, and rather consider the least punishment the court could hand you over.

Court supervision is the next best thing after getting your charges dismissed. This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime disposition, and is only available for first-time DUI offenders.

If you get this sentence, the court would supervise you over a particular period wherein you must complete certain requirements, such as staying out of legal trouble, finishing alcohol treatment and education, and paying off all of your fines. If you’re able to meet with the requirements, your charge would be dismissed without a conviction.

And this means:

Clean Criminal Record

If your case doesn’t end in a conviction, it wouldn’t appear on your record. This doesn’t make you, technically, a criminal, which is a serious thing because society is sometimes tough for ex-convicts. A single blemish on your record could mean fewer career, or even employment, opportunities in the future.

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Zero Jail Time

If you get Court Supervision, you wouldn’t have to spend a second in prison. Even if you’re just mandated to get locked up for just a number of days, sleeping in a jail cell could have significant psychological effects to your well being. Certainly, imprisonment is not one of those experiences you should include in your bucket list.

No License Revocation

If keeping your driving privileges is important to you more than anything else, you could tell your experienced criminal defense attorney in Springfield, IL to seriously go for this sentence if you have a lesser chance of winning the case. The suspension of your license may be temporary if you lose, but the reinstatement process could be painful.

There’s no denying about the benefits of a Supervision sentence. Your ultimate goal may be is to beat the charge, but you should keep this alternative at the back of your mind.

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