What to Know About Medical Malpractice

MedicalThe practice of medicine involves knowing the history, signs, and symptoms of a disease or illness to come up with the best treatment plan for the patient. The role of physicians is to determine the ideal approach to improve the condition of a person. There are certain cases, however, wherein the medical practitioner becomes negligent, which could result in significant damage, serious injury, and death.

Medical malpractice is defined as a healthcare provider’s wrongful conduct, lack of skill or improper technique that contributed to the injury of the patient. A doctor or nurse may face medical malpractice claims if the court proved them neglectful of their obligation and their actions caused harm. One becomes liable if he breached his professional duties and his improper performance led to further damage.


According to TyroneLaw.com and other Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers, misdiagnosis is one of the most common cases of negligence among medical practitioners. This happens when a doctor fails to approach a case in a way that every competent physician should.

Some examples are inability to diagnose an emergency illness, perform the necessary tests, and elaborate or provide relevant information in the history of the disease. Delayed treatment and misdiagnosis can then lead to wrong prescription of medication, which can worsen the patient’s condition.

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Surgical Errors

A surgeon can commit mistakes before, during and after an operation. Before the operation, it is the surgeon’s duty to control the risk factors. These may include diabetes or coagulation disorders that may predispose the patient to complications.

During the operation, the medical practitioners must also be cautious to avoid puncturing a blood vessel, leaving foreign material before closing and amputating the wrong limb. Post-surgically, they must give the necessary medications to speed up recovery. When unable to carry out these duties, the court may deem the doctor, nurse or other medical personnel as negligent.

If loved one is a victim of a physician’s negligence, it’s always best to contact a legal professional. One can give you insightful advice and help you achieve the justice that you deserve.

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