What Makes a Good Man?

Man doing a thumbs upA good person would want to do good in whichever industry they belong. Whether they’re working as a salesperson or as a criminal investigator, the pursuit of something just and rightful is instilled in them. Their instinct is to do good even without being told to do it, or even when no one is watching.

These are some qualities that you will see in a good man:

Following the Rules

Simple traffic rules may not land you in jail for your first offense, but that doesn’t justify breaking them. A person who has no justifiable reason to run the red light should not do so. Cheating on a test, even when you see everyone else getting away with it, should not be normalized. Breaking these small rules will only make one think that they can get away with committing bigger offenses too.

Finding the Culprit

Not everyone in the world is good, unfortunately. For incidences of crimes, those who have taken a criminal investigation training program may help bring justice to someone who has been wronged. Crimes, sadly, range from assaults to loss of life. It is up to criminal investigators to make sense of the situation and to use evidence objectively to make the offender pay for their crimes. However, it takes a lot of patience not to resort to vigilante justice, and that patience marks someone as an especially good man.

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Prosecuting an Influential Evil

Perhaps one of the things that most people can agree on is that Harvey Weinstein needs to answer to the law for all the sexual allegations thrown his way. Currently, prosecutors are looking to prosecute on a federal level, but even investigators say that it’s taking too long to put him behind bars. Weinstein has been accused by Gwyneth Paltrow and many other celebrities and has been under investigation for months.

It takes a lot to be good in a society that seems to be designed to bring out one’s bad habits. But if everyone can be an upstanding individual, the world will be a better place.

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