What Couples Must Know Before Filing for a Divorce

Family Law Attorney in DenverThe legal termination of the marriage is not the only matter that needs to be settled in a court of law. If you are involved in a divorce case, you also have to settle all the associated issues. Final resolution of issues often requires settlement conferences, wherein the involved parties discuss properties and child custody matters. Sometimes, when emotions are high, and the couple finds it impossible to negotiate terms, they go to trial to resolve important matters before they can go their separate ways.

Reasons and legal grounds for divorce

In Colorado, you can file for a divorce if you’ve lived apart from your spouse for at least two years. The living arrangement is sufficient reason enough. If you or your partner committed adultery, the act is reason enough for a divorce. There has to legal reasons or “grounds” for a divorce to push through. If you are considering it seek an audience with a family law practitioner in Denver to determine whether your reason for wanting a divorce is admissible in a court of law. Know that there are also “no fault” divorce cases where neither husband nor wife blames the other for the broken state of their marriage.

Property settlements and child custody

A divorce becomes more complicated if there are properties involved, such as a residence or a business. If both you and your spouse want the house, then the discussions could drag on for months. The disposition of a joint business venture is also rather thorny. If you manage to reach an agreement amicably, then the divorce case can push through smoothly. Nevertheless, this is rarely the case especially if those involved are parting in bad faith.

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While matters are being finalized, the court will issue temporary orders on child support and custody. Children of divorcing parents may be subject to high levels of stress during this period. It is important for those involved in the case to make the effort to shield their children from the traumatic experience as much as they can.

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