Watch Out, Deer Crossing: Avoiding Deer-Related Car Accidents

Deer Crossing Sign in SpringfieldFall is a great time to go on a road-trip, but in the excitement, most drivers tend to overlook some seasonal factors that could affect their drive. While there are several things that they could encounter on the road all year round, such as roadway debris or the occasional hitchhiker, incidences of stray deer crossing increase during this time of the year.

Getting into an accident with a deer is one of the worst ways to ruin the beauty of fall. Drivers should be mindful of their driving habits before they get behind the wheel so they can avoid a deer-vehicle collision.

October-December Poses Higher Risks for Car and Deer Collisions

More deer find themselves on the road during the end of the year as deer hunting season goes into full swing. Furthermore, October through December is a peak time movement because it’s also deer breeding season. Drivers should therefore be careful on the road as the holidays draw nearer, as there is a higher chance of encountering a deer while driving.

Understanding Deer Behavior

The hours between dusk and dawn prove to be especially risky for drivers; it’s the time when deer actively roam outdoors and also when it’s dark outside. Apart from the lack of light, deer may be difficult to see because they tend to move quickly, even when they leap over guard rails and dividers. Sometimes their sudden movement startles drivers and it could lead to serious accidents.

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Exercising Caution on the Road

Whenever a driver sees a deer crossing sign, it’s a cue for them to be more careful when driving into known animal zones. Swerving is the worst thing they could do when they spot a deer on the road: drivers could lose control of their vehicle, and the deer could run in the same direction! Until drivers have made into a safer area, they should drive slowly and carefully. Honking to startle deer away is a better option than simply speeding past them on the road.

A deer crossing the road can pose a huge problem for drivers, as they could divert their attention from the road. Safe driving habits, however, can make a huge difference. Those that have had a single-car collision due to a deer can consult a car accident lawyer in Springfield for proper legal advice on their case.

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