Things You Do During Divorce That Can Get You in Jail

Divorce Lawyer in OremIf you foresee a messy divorce, you may want to start protecting yourself and your assets. Even before you start the separation process, you may already be making steps to alter the course of the law in your favor. This is illegal, however, and might make you guilty in the eyes of the law.

Divorce doesn't only put your assets in jeopardy; your actions while the proceeding is ongoing can get you in jail, as well. Why? During a divorce, there is a period called “discovery,” which asks both parties to reveal all the assets they need to divide. 

Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. and other divorce lawyers in Orem noted that you and your ex-spouse need to show documents and swear under oath about the assets that are up for distribution. This means you have to get up on the stand and answer questions regarding your assets.

Do you know what can get you thrown in jail? Here they are:

Lie about your assets

Keep in mind that if you don’t answer truthfully when the lawyers or judge ask you about your assets, you can be punished for lying under oath.

Make steps to conceal property

Unless the property is in a trust or a prenuptial agreement before marriage, you may have to reveal all the money and properties you have. If you combine money and other properties with your pre-marriage assets, these could be up for distribution in the divorce.

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Blaming your ex

While not necessarily an instant jail term, starting arguments and accusations that devolve into shouting matches in front of the judge may get you cited for contempt and a spell in a holding area or even with the bailiff. 

A divorce can be smooth, but it is rarely easy. Make sure you don’t make mistakes that can land you in jail.

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