The Must-Knows: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After an Auto Accident

Car AccidentWith millions of auto crashes happening every year, the odds of anyone being involved in an accident at some point are pretty high. Therefore, everyone needs to know how to handle the aftermath of a crash accordingly.

Here are five mistakes you should avoid if you’re involved in an auto accident:

Failure to Call the Police

All accidents should be duly reported to the police. If you don’t get a police report, you won’t have any proof of the wreck, and that will cost you if you need to make a claim. You may also expose yourself to a lawsuit if you don’t report injuries to law enforcement.

Saying the Accident is Your Fault

If you tell people that the crash was your fault, you would be legally admitting liability for the wreck. Such an admission could expose you to a lawsuit and harsh penalties.

Posting on Social Media

You may want to share your unfortunate experience to vent; you may want to let friends know you're fine or you may be looking for help or certain information. Whatever your reason may be, posting about your car crash is never a wise decision. Insurance adjusters and their defense lawyers can use the information on your posts to attack you and your injury claim. Talk to an auto accident attorney if you need advice or help to document the accident.

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Settling a Claim Without Legal Representation

If you talk to insurance houses before speaking to an attorney, you risk giving information that may affect your case later on. If the accident has injuries and damages, Charles McCorquodale Law says it's best to seek legal assistance before settling any claim.

Losing Your Cool

Although a wreck is never a pleasant experience, you should try not act frantically or hysterically. Check on the other driver but don’t start yelling at them or blaming them for the crash. Raging on the other driver won’t help anyone but may complicate matters for you.

Don’t do anything unwise after a crash. Rather, seek medical help immediately, protect any injuries, call the police for help, document every critical information and talk to an Alabama auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

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