The Facts You Should Know About Emotional Abuse on Adults

Emotional AbuseAt its core, an emotionally abusive marital relationship comprises of one party intentionally hurting the feelings of their partner. It may differ from physical abuse, but the effects are as harmful and life threatening.

As the National Center for Biotechnology Information (one of the branches of the United States National Institutes of Health) states, emotional abuse amongst married or live-in partners is common in the country. In fact, it is even more common than physical abuse.

When emotional abuse takes place

Emotional abuse can take the form of different actions, but in general, one party controls the other through their emotions deliberately. For instance, one partner undermines the other’s trust, confidence, growth, or worthiness, makes them feel unstable or “crazy”, and manipulates them through shaming or fear.

Note that emotional abuse can be as direct as something verbal, but it can also occur through a variety of means like looks of disgust, body language, condescending tone of voice, and other forms of behavior done on purpose to hurt the other party.

The long-term effects

In marital situations wherein emotional abuse takes place, a victim can suffer from long-lasting effects on their psychological health. A common ground of emotionally abused, married individuals is having a low level of self-confidence. This then leads to other more serious issues, such as emotional instability, sleep disturbances, substance/alcohol abuse, phantom pain, loss of trust in others, depression, and suicidal thoughts or even attempts among many others.

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Taking the necessary step to stop the abuse

When you are a victim of an emotionally abusive marital relationship, you should motivate and encourage yourself to take the big step towards divorce. Emotional abusers rarely change their behavior. Staying in such a relationship will only be an endless cycle of suffering, so seek the help of a divorce attorney in Summit Country or wherever you live as soon as you can.

A healthy relationship shouldn’t involve any form of abuse. Step up and don’t let your partner make you feel worthless.

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