The Astonishing Advantages of Living and Working in Singapore

Living and Working in SingaporeLiving in a foreign country will require quite a bit of adjustment. However, if it’s a country like Singapore you may find it easier to adapt. Here are just a few advantages of living in this wonderful Asian country.

Affordable and Accessible Travel

Singapore is known internationally for their cheap and accessible public transportation that’s available round the clock. Cabs and car rentals offer affordable rates. It actually beats owning your own car in this country. Even travelling to other countries is a pleasure because of how convenient, service-oriented and organised their Changi Airport.

High Employment Trends

Despite having one of the lowest unemployment rates in Asia, Singapore has become a hub of international commerce. Businesses offer jobs that are easily snatched up by the limited workforce available. This makes entering most white-collar, middle-management and legal positions in Singapore reachable.

High Salaries, Low Taxes

Singapore’s salaries are competitive with US and European rates. This is for most positions in mid-management and above. Good news is the highest income tax percentage is around 15% only which compares to the taxation levels of New Zealand and Australia. Add to that the standard benefits given to employees and you have a satisfied labour force.

Minimal Criminality

Despite hardly seeing any cops or police cars patrolling the streets, Singapore is relatively crime-free. They remain as one of the Asian countries that have the lowest criminality ratio. Corruption is almost non-existent and no one carries guns around, either, Legal Labs cites.

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Great Schools

Unlike some countries where public schools are generally avoided by expats, both public and private schools in Singapore boasts of high quality education. Their curriculum includes learning specific foreign languages. Middle school features extra-curricular activities that include performing arts and sports.

Living in Singapore isn’t all pros, of course. However, whatever the cons are, the advantages easily balance or even reverse the negatives. That said; start looking at available careers and jobs in Singapore and start planning for that great move.

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