Stop Wage Garnishment From Sinking You Further Down in Debt

Wage Garnishment in OgdenBad spending habits may lead you to so much debt that it’s hard to turn around and manage your finances better. One of the worst things that can happen is if your debtors take a hold of your wage through garnishment. Your employer will even know about your debts when wage garnishments happen.

Here are three things that can help you prevent this from happening:

Reach Out to Your Creditor

According to Godfrey Law, creditors only use wage garnishment in Ogden as a last resort to obligate you to pay your bills or credits. They won’t do this abruptly, so it’s your fault if you are still not paying or not even answering their calls after they give you time to do so. If you keep ignoring them, you’re only making the situation worse. What you must do instead is reach out to your creditor and negotiate a repayment option that you can commit to. Showing that you have the intention to pay your bills can make them back off.

Ask for Bankruptcy Protection

Even though bankruptcy is bad for your credit score, this is the simplest option for other people to stop garnishment and prevent sinking further down in debt. A bankruptcy protection will help you pay your debts slowly but surely without your creditors getting most of your wages through garnishment.

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File a Counter Appeal

If the garnishment has already been filed by your creditor and approved in court, you can file an exemption appeal. Mention that you can’t afford the garnishment because you need your wage to pay your basic expenses. If the court sees that the garnishment will add even more debt to your name, they may ask your creditor to stop or at least reduce the garnishment amount.

These three suggestions will definitely help you if you are having trouble paying your debts. However, the ultimate solution is having more control over your finances and spending habits for this to not happen to you again.

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