Medical Errors Now a Leading Cause of Death in the U. S.

Health Care Professionals Medical and health care professionals continue to save the lives of thousands of individuals, restoring health and improving the quality of life. With their knowledge, skills, and experience, medical practitioners give their patients hope and motivation to get back on their feet after a health-related setback.

It’s disheartening to know, however, that not everyone in the health care industry is as diligent and puts their patients’ interests as their priority. Some have caused their patients more harm than good. In fact, a number of them committed serious, life-threatening mistakes in their practice, making them cross paths with medical malpractice attorneys in Illinois and every other state.

Below are the alarming facts about medical malpractice in the US. What seems to be going wrong?

The Disturbing Statistics

Previously, medical malpractice rarely occurred in the United States. A recent study shows, however, that the number of cases involving medical professionals committing serious mistakes have grown considerably. This makes medical errors possibly the third leading cause of fatalities in the country.

The report further indicated that medical errors result in about 251,000 deaths every year, which means that it takes more lives than life-threatening ailments such as respiratory diseases and stroke.

How These Mistakes Happen

Medical errors can occur in several different ways. For instance, it can take the form of a breach in the standard of care, wherein the patient didn’t receive healthcare that meets medical standards. This may also result in negligence, which can lead to injuries or death, as well. Other common medical errors include misdiagnosis and birth injuries.

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The Life-altering Effects

Medical negligence can cause injuries and reduce the quality of life in the long term. In the worst case scenario, it can claim the life of a patient. Medical negligence can happen to anyone who visits a healthcare professional, emergency room, hospital, clinic, or even a pharmacy.

Of all the potential consequences of medical errors, loss of life is obviously the most devastating. Patients and their families shouldn’t let this pass, especially if they can prove that the team of healthcare professionals is to blame for the fatality.

Medical malpractice is a major cause for concern, with the many fatal consequences it brings. Whoever is to blame should be held accountable, so as not to add to the many fatalities it causes.

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