Legal Knowledge: Understanding the 4 Areas of Family Law

Legal KnowledgeStarting, growing, and keeping a family is no small feat. After all, not every marriage ends up in two people remembering fond memories of old. In this realistic and practical era, it is best to protect yourself and your family when it comes to legal knowledge in your state. These may not be applicable to you, but you may know someone who could use some legal help.

Matrimonial Law

This covers marriage contracts, prenuptial agreements, and paternity issues. Did you know that a man not married to his child’s mother is not legally responsible unless paternity has been established? The father should willingly sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity or undergo a DNA test to determine that he is indeed the biological father of the child. Matrimonial law also covers domestic partnerships.


Statistics show that almost half of marriages in the US end up in divorce. While the divorces you see in the movies often look ugly, legal separation may not necessarily look that way all the time. You can visit an experienced divorce attorney to discuss the best course of action for you and your spouse. As the Long Island divorce attorney of explains, “The right representation can get you through this difficult time.” You may consider mediation, equitable distribution, and a host of other processes for an amicable divorce.

Child Protection

Divorce affects children the most. If you know somebody who is considering divorce, let them know how complex the legal processes are for determining custody, visitation rights, travel plans, and child support. A good divorce attorney can monitor family court orders to ensure all parties are upholding their terms.

Juvenile Delinquency

Speaking of children, family law also covers juvenile delinquency cases. Family court proceedings may differ from adult criminal court rules, but these may still include major consequences. Children may not be directly responsible for felonies, but who will answer for them if they are not with parents? Trial lawyers study these cases to better help juvenile delinquents learn their lesson and live freely as responsible adults later on.

You can help a friend, colleague, or relative if you happen to understand these four family court services. Moreover, knowing these areas will help you understand where you stand.

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