Is it Time for you to File for Divorce?

Inasmuch as you want your marriage to work and live the life of a complete and happy family, it just does not work for some people. Maybe you are one of them. But this does not mean that you re a failure. Realizing when it is time to let go and move on from a relationship takes a lot of courage. Something not a lot of people can do.

Thinking of bidding your marriage goodbye but is not entirely sure if you should do so? Before you file for divorce in Utah and find yourself an attorney, lawyers at Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. emphasize that you must be sure that you are ready and need one.

Signs you should file for divorce

Needs are not met

Every person has sets of needs. A healthy marriage is one where your spouse can meet your physical, mental, emotional, and social needs and vice-versa. If such needs are not met for a long time despite efforts to do so, then something is wrong with your relationship.

You feel happy alone

The idea of coming home to your spouse or family after a long day’s work might be cliché. But people who are in happy relationships do not find it so. If you feel happier alone without the presence of your spouse in your life, then maybe it is time to set yourself free.

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Staying for the kids

This is one of the most common reasons why people do not file for divorce. However, nowadays, different styles of co-parenting exists which allows two parties to live their lives separately while at the same time still be responsible parents to their children.

It is an abusive marriage

Landed in the ER a couple of times? Or are you constantly abused verbally? Do not hesitate to call it quits and step out. Your safety should be a priority more than anything.

Do not be afraid to call it quits. Find a qualified attorney to represent you and work your way to your freedom now.

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