Guide for Truck Drivers: Safety Tips and Basic Legal Advice

The latest report shows that thousands of truck accidents happen in Utah every year. Most of these accidents happen due to over speeding, drowsy driving, distractions, and vehicle errors due to poor maintenance.

Safety Reminders for Trucking Companies

While truck driving is currently in demand in the United States, it’s important to be aware of the state laws. Tucking companies are also responsible for reminding employees about their safety while on the road. These drivers spend long hours working. There are many possible risks any accidents could happen at any moment.

In addition, trucking companies are required to ensure that their truck units have undergone regular service maintenance. You can be held accountable for any vehicle error.

Knowing Your Rights as Truck Drivers

Whenever you get involved in a collision with other motorists, be sure to contact your truck accident attorney. William R. Rawlings & Associates warns that you should never leave the scene. Wait for the authorities to clear you out. Let them finish their police report. Do not give them any uncertain statements, as the other party can use them against you. For your safety, always consult your lawyer.

Once you get cleared by the authorities, ask for a copy of their incident report. Exchange information with other drivers or people involved. This includes their full name, contact details, insurance policy and number, and the company they are working for. It is also advisable to take photos of the damages and injuries incurred during the accident.

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Go to the nearest hospital to check your injuries and get the right treatment. Request for a medical certificate as well. This can help your lawyer work on your case.

Always check your schedule for the day. If you think your workload is too much, talk to your officer. Practice defensive driving at all times and avoid distractions. Keep in mind that you’re driving a huge and heavy vehicle. Check the condition of the unit before leaving. If you see any faulty part, report it to the person in charge right away. Your safety, as well the condition of your load, should always be on top of your priorities.

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