Got Injured in a Public Park? Here’s Who You Can Sue

Injury Claim Lawyer in TownsvilleParks are great spots for picnics, biking, and other enjoyable activities. But in spite of all the fun that comes with staying in parks, these places have many features that may come hazardous for people. Falling tree limbs, for instance, can injure anyone. Poorly maintained grounds can trip people, especially children, and seniors. With all of these hazards, it’s not impossible to get hurt while staying at parks — and when you do get injured, who can you sue?

According to ConnollySuthers, you can actually file public liability claims when you suffer from an injury while you’re in a park. Government entities may be liable for your injury; however, you need to consider the following before suing them:

  • Government Immunity

Typically, government entities are entitled to immunity from lawsuits. In some cases, however, you can bypass the government’s immunity if you follow certain procedures that grant you with a ‘right to proceed’.

  • Notice of the Claim

It would be easier to bypass such government immunity if you can file the notice of claim before filing the actual lawsuit. Failure to follow this procedure may impede your chances of winning the lawsuit and receiving compensation. Generally, you must file the notice within the months of the injury. To accomplish this, you must coordinate with an injury claim lawyer right away so you won’t miss the deadline for filing the said notice.

  • State Approval

When you suffer from an injury while staying in a city park, you also need to consider the state approval on public liability claims. Several states must approve claims on certain amounts before they can award the compensation to the complainant.

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On public liability claims, you need to consult with an attorney so you’ll know the right things to do before filing the actual lawsuit. After all, getting injured in a park is not a usual case for a lawsuit.

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