Good Fences (With Land Surveying) = Good Neighbors

Denver’s Real Estate PracticesMost people aim to be good neighbors, if not the best. Apart from leaving a likable impression, there’s nothing better than living in peace with the people around you.

For some home or land owners, however, this ideal doesn’t always line up with reality.

Disputes over land boundaries and property lines can destroy even the strongest relationships among neighbors. When one party refuses to give, the court ends up with bitter feuds between neighbors who decide to file suit against each other.

Why It Happens

As many of Denver’s real estate practices would know, feuds between neighbors generally stem from the assumption of boundaries. It may be a matter of a tree that encroaches on someone else’s property or perhaps a fence line in favor of one plot of land or the other. The differences of assumptions result in an argument of who’s right and who’s wrong.

Property disputes occur when there is a change of homeownership. When the new homeowner wishes to install a new driveway or even just a fence that invades other lots, neighbors will protest. Lot line conflicts also happen when homeowners wishing to upgrade their homes apply for building permits. A number of municipalities will only issue a permit if they have the current land survey on file.

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The Role of Land Surveying

Land surveyors, licensed professionals responsible for researching deeds and property descriptions, marks land boundaries, as well as conduct plot line assessments. They determine who owns what part of the land, according to local, state and national laws. Homeowners caught in property disputes can trust land surveyors to determine true property lines.

When the case escalates to court levels, the judge can order a land survey to settle all disputes.

Owning a home or a property is among the biggest investments people can make, which emphasizes the need for surveying. Knowing where the land starts and ends can save a property owner from rigorous court battles.

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