Finding a Good Legal Team is a Complex Process

Legal Recruitment Service in SingaporeLawyers have a wide range of jobs that they can apply for. They are not always limited to the court. Many companies and organisations, ranging from banks to media firms and manufacturing companies, benefit from a team of in-house lawyers.

Though having a dedicated legal team is a must for many companies, finding the right candidates for the job is a complex process. That is why there are recruitment companies like, who specialise in matching employers with their potential legal team.

Such companies greatly simplify the legal team recruitment process, as they already have a large talent pool with hundreds of CVs on hand. Recruiting any new talent is a challenge for many companies, but even more so when it comes to hiring in-house lawyers.


Many companies look for lawyers with experience and full certification as determined by the Legal Profession Act of Singapore. Since the legal team will be handling complex legal issues that affect the company, there is no room for new trainees.

As such, new lawyers with no big firm experience will likely have trouble finding work even with a recruitment firm. Legal team recruiters are extremely fastidious in vetting and selecting lawyers for law firms and companies.

Lawyers with a less than desirable academic record will likely not be hired by the firms. If they want to stand out, they must have exceptional skills that prove that their marks do not reflect their performance.

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Industry Specific

Along with fulfilling the minimum academic requirements of recruiters, lawyers must also be industry specific. For example, a lawyer working for a media company must understand the intricacies of intellectual property laws. On the other hand, the law team of an environmental organisation must know a wide range of legal processes from getting environmental permits to human rights. In fact, some industries are very specific that require specialised knowledge in certain branches of the law. They will likely have difficulties finding the right fit for them.

Undoubtedly, legal recruitment is a challenge for many companies.

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