EMT and Paramedic Negligence: Could it Lead to a Birth Injury?

Birth InjuryThe life of a paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT, can be stressful. People count on them to keep their loved ones alive en route to the hospital and, at times, the situation could put their own lives at risk as well. While EMTs and paramedics are tasked with keeping a patient’s vitals stable during transport, they won’t always be able to perform at a hundred percent — this, unfortunately, could have serious consequences.

Medical Malpractice Encompasses EMTs and Paramedics as Well

Just like any other healthcare provider, EMTs and paramedics can commit mistakes and thus be liable for negligence. While patients count on their quick response in traumatic and emergency situations, they are also still human with the tendency to commit errors. Some of them could not be avoidable in a situation.

A more worrying type of error, however, deals with things that were in a paramedic’s power to control, such as failing to equip ambulances with medical equipment, failing to properly use medical devices, exhibiting reckless driving behavior, and administering incorrect medications. These constitute negligence and could have disastrous results on the well-being of the patients in their care.

Medical malpractice laws apply to EMTs and paramedics in the same way they would to a doctor or clinician. When paramedic negligence does happen, however, the consequences could be irreversible.

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EMTs have a Crucial Role to Play in Maternal or Fetal Emergencies

The process of labor and delivery may come with complications. When a maternal or fetal emergency happens, people usually call on EMTs and paramedics to help. The time in between getting the mother and child to the hospital, therefore, is crucial as it could spell the difference between life and death.

Paramedics, however, only have a broad understanding of the delivery process and basic training to how to handle it. In some cases, their actions could lead to anesthesia complications. They might fail to recognize breathing difficulties experienced by a woman in labor as well. Additionally, they could use delivery tools incorrectly and cause delays, which could all result in a severe birth injury. If this happens, contacting a birth injury attorney is a necessity, as it allows families to more easily determine the best course of action to keep their rights protected.

Sometimes, a birth injury doesn’t always occur as a result of medical malpractice in the delivery room. It could also occur in the ambulance as a result of EMT and paramedic negligence.

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