Divorcing with Children: What to Expect

A child with divorced parentsWhen children are involved in a divorce, it is normal to wonder how it will affect them or how they will cope with the changes in their daily life. This is because even a friendly marital dissolution can still leave kids feel like their lives are turned upside down. They see things in a different view and are likely to go through shock, anger, sadness, and anxiety.

Responses and Feelings

There are instances where your kids may try to hide what they are feeling to protect you or your spouse. If this is the case, don’t underestimate what they are going through. Kids need support and love at this difficult time. It is also common for some kids to think they have done something that has caused the divorce. Give them positive reinforcement and explain to them that they are not to blame.

Fighting for Custody

The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. and other boulder family law attorneys note that it is important that the kids maintain a good relationship with both parents. When fighting for sole custody, focus on the children’s best interest. If both of you are fighting for custody, be clear about your goals and find ways to show the court that you understand what’s best for them. Working with a family law or child custody attorney helps.

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Parenting Responsibilities

If possible, it’s best to maintain normal rules and routine. Incorporating substantial changes suddenly can hurt the kids and make them feel less secure. If you feel overwhelmed by divorce, resist the temptation to become overprotected or harsh with your kids, as this can only add to their anxiety and anger. Find and join a support network that can help you cope with the difficulties of divorce.

No kids want to see mom and dad separate. They are likely to feel upset even if they don’t show it or say so. To make sure that your and your kids’ rights are protected, talk to a reliable attorney. Consulting a therapist can also help you and your children deal with the breakup.

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