Are You a Beneficiary of a Deceased Person? Learn More About Probate

Probate Attorney in DenverThe death of a loved one is a sad and stressing experience. The pain can even get worse if disputes arise when it’s time to read their will. As such, many suggest that hiring a probate attorney is indispensable.

A probate is the process that occurs after the death of an individual and involves distributing the assets of the deceased as well as taking care of the debts. Probate must happen whether the deceased left a will or not.

What Can a Probate Attorney Do? noted that a Denver probate attorney can come up with a plan to distribute the assets of the heirs. They help manage the filling of the testament or the will of the deceased. If disputes arise, they’ll help in resolving the issue as fair as possible.

When Would Touble Arise in a Probate Process?

Any of the following scenarios may cause serious problems during a probate process:

  • The deceased did not leave behind a legitimate will.
  • If the will left by the deceased person is challenged.
  • Disagreements on the creditor’s debt.
  • Disputes on the appointment of a specific executor.
  • Petition to open probate is not correctly done.
  • Failure to meet probate deadlines.
  • The executor is not within the country, and therefore not available for local representation.
  • Disputes on distribution of the assets of the deceased.
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Understanding the Probate Process

First, a person receives the name to administer the estate or often called as the executor. The executor works with the lawyer and oversees the whole process, like finding a valid will. The executor then identifies and gathers all the assets of the deceased person. They will then file an inventory with the court and notifies the creditors. Next, they use the assets to settle any claim by the creditor and distribute the balance to the rightful beneficiary.

The probate process can be a long and stressful process. Hiring a probate lawyer would offer so much relief, especially after the loss of a loved one. Don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance to make things easier for you.

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