4 Surefire Tactics to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Traffic Lawyer in SpringfieldYou may have already been flagged for speeding above the prescribed limits or even beating the red light. Perhaps, the easiest and most convenient way to address these traffic tickets is to simply pay them. However, you do have to recognize that traffic violations are technically a form of crime. You simply do not want to have this on your record, don’t you?

What if you could at least challenge the traffic citation given to you? Would that not matter a lot? There is actually no harm in trying. However, before you even consider these strategies, make sure that you really did not violate any traffic laws.

Challenge the Officer’s Subjective Decision

The police officer will have to write down his version of what happened and why he considers your behavior as inherently illegal. In such cases, you are banking on the notion of the police officer’s subjectivity in writing the ticket. Hence, you will have a better chance if you can challenge his version of the incident.

Challenge the Evidence Leveled Against You

In relation to challenging the officer’s subjective decision or conclusion, traffic attorneys in Springfield, IL advise that you also take time to look at the pieces of evidence that he is using against you. If you can get testimonies from witnesses at the scene of the traffic violation, then that should help you win your case. Additionally, if you can provide pictographic evidence to support your version of the story, then it is as good as bye-bye traffic ticket.

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Provide Evidence that You had a Mistake of Fact

Sometimes road signs are simply not visible enough. For example, the pedestrian lane is hardly visible or the traffic signal lights are not working. It is also possible that the road sign was just installed the other day. These can all account for a defense of mistake of fact.

Provide Evidence that Your Actions are Legally Justified

There are simply some circumstances that is way beyond our control. For example, if you are on a freeway and you suddenly heard loud knocking noise from your hood, it will be technically insane for you to keep on driving. What do you do? You tend to pull over even when the sign says no stopping whatsoever. You are legally justified to stop your vehicle or to operate it at a significantly slower pace.

Fighting your ticket is quite tedious, to say the least. However, if you really believe that you did not violate any traffic law or that you were legally justified for your behavior, then it is your right to challenge this ticket.

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