4 Reasons for the Drop in Office Morale

Meeting on how to improve employee moraleEven the most professional employees are just human beings susceptible to low morale. The lack of enthusiasm affects motivation and productivity, which can then lead to friction and dissatisfaction.

If you notice signs of decreased morale in the organization, legal expert ladrmediation.com suggests you address it with proper intervention or timely employment mediation when there’s any conflict.

And to prevent the drive of your employees from taking a nosedive, be wary of its common culprits.

Poor Leadership

Disgruntled employees are usually the offspring of incompetent managers. If the morale of your workforce suddenly went down after a change in management, the development is most likely is the reason for the erosion of confidence in the brass.

Key to keeping the rank and file happy and fulfilled is expressing respect and empathy, practicing macro-management, and setting clear expectations.

Unhealthy Work Environment

Any workplace must be conducive to excellence. Without enough opportunities to improve and grow, employees would feel trapped in a frustrating job. Plus, the environment should promote comfort and peace of mind.

Most office designs are biased toward extroverts, giving introverted employees more challenges thriving.

Weak Structural Support

After a reorganization, strong structural support is paramount to help the employees that remain to cope up with the shakeup. Dealing with increased workload and adjustment with new colleagues can be too much for average employees.

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Non-Existent or Unfair Reward System

Human beings have a constant need for rewards one way or another. Without feeling appreciated, it’s natural to feel undervalued. Recognition can come in many forms, like a raise, bonus, or even just a heartfelt appreciation letter.

When the company decides to reward just certain groups of employees, it will essentially alienate the others and make them feel like lesser members of the organization.

Employees are the heart and soul of all successful organizations. When their morale heads south, the revenue is likely to follow suit.

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