3 Ways to Protect Your Finances During a Divorce

Saving Your Finances During a Divorce in ProvoDivorce is a hard and stressful process because it doesn’t involve just your relationship with your spouse but many other factors as well. It can get more complicated when you have children together because you may need to go through a child custody and child support battle. Another important factor that will be shaken in a divorce is your finances.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind to protect your finances during this whole process.

Hire the Right Lawyer

Right here in Provo, you can work with a competent divorce lawyer for your legal needs. This way, you can get the best bang for your buck. If your assets, investments, and properties aren’t that many, it isn’t practical to hire someone from a prestigious law firm with an hourly rate of $500. In some divorce cases, you only need to consult with a divorce lawyer a few times. Assess your situation first so you can hire the right lawyer for your needs.

Get a New Credit Card

It’s wise to apply for a new credit card before you terminate your joint accounts with your spouse because you may need money for emergency purposes. Divorce can be tough on your finances, it’s better to be safe and have a new credit card with only your name on it in case you need to cover core bills. This doesn’t only apply for credit cards. You need to freeze your savings and investment accounts and open new ones.

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Know Your Investments

If your spouse handled everything about your investments, then it’s important for you to learn it as well. Getting familiar with the things you possess is important because investments can potentially help you with your current situation. This way, you can sell off those that aren’t helpful and you can focus on those that can benefit you financially.

Follow these tips so you can take care of your finances well even when going through a divorce. This way, you can easily bounce back without any trouble.

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